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Our Approach

Who we are

The Littleton Area Historical Museum is a 501c3 organization that was started in 1967. It originally started in the public library and is now in the Town Building (Opera House). We are the caretakers and keepers of Littleton's past. Our volunteers work to maintain the hundreds of artifacts that are on display as well as the many carefully planned exhibits. We have documents dating back to the late 18th Century, written by the early settlers of our town. We are constantly organizing and updating our collection.

We are the present, preserving the past, for the future!

President: Dick Searles

V P: Roger Merrill

Secretary: Barb Radmore

Treasurer:  Wayne Ruggles

Curator: Richard Alberini

Board of Directors:

Jan Maltais

Wayne Ruggles

Roger Merrill

Barbara Radmore

Dick Searles

William Mellekas

Mark Roberts

Joan Noyes

Ray Hopkins (Emeritus)

Gary Kezerian (Emeritus)


Our Story