Oral Histories: The Museum is expanding its collection of oral histories. We currently have numerous recordings that have been digitized and are available on this page for research and your listening pleasure. To mention a few, you can listen to former town historian Wilbur Willey talk about his life in West Littleton. Mildred Lakeway, former elementary school teacher, describe her experiences teaching in the Littleton School district and many more.



Agnes Glode: Saranac Glove

Bible Study


Bette Davis by J. Eames

Wilbur Willey

John Beck, Marquetry

Eames Family

Crawford Notch Section House

Maple Sugaring by Charles Stewart

Historic Postscripts, Jack Colby

History of Littleton Bridges, K. Curran

Main Street Churches

Hot Houses Cool, Allen Charles Hill

History of North Littleton, W. Merrill & M. Kimball

Is the Constitution Important to You? Att. Gary Boyle

Littleton Community Center

George McAvoy

Museum Tour by F Heald, S Burrington