that film actress Bette Davis was a regular fixture in Littleton from 1939 -1947?

that Littleton had the first electrically lit Main Street in N.H. in 1887 ? The light bulb was only 8 years old at the time !

that the builder of the Cog Railroad, Sylvester Marsh, lived on South Street in Littleton ?

that Harry K.Thaw, husband of Evelyn Nesbit and murderer of Sanford White, escaped from NYC and hid at the Thayers Hotel (1906) ?

that the railroad came to Littleton in 1853?

about the Moore Dam monster?

that on October, 1921 a phonograph demonstration thrilled 700 people in the Opera House ?

that in February 1917, the will of Daniel Remich was read and that he left $70,000 to Littleton institutions including $19,000 to Congregational Society, $6,000 to Hillside Park (now Remich Park), $16,000 to the hospital, $12,000 to the public library and $6,000 to the Civil Center or YMCA. Estimated totaled $3000,000. The following month the town accepted gifts of Kilburn Craigs and Dells from Remich. By today’s standards, it valued $6,072,724.13.

that in August, 1918, Private Howard Shawney was killed in action?